Welcome to Productivity Alberta’s Tools site, the place to find DIY solutions to your productivity challenges.

Here you’ll find a number of toolkits and other resources to help assess and maximize your productivity gains. Not only can these tools help you reflect on your progress, they can help identify areas that need attention or improvement so that your business can be its most productive, most effective and most profitable.

In addition to the toolkits, feel free to browse our Productivity Inventory, a directory of programs, tools and services available to assist Alberta businesses improve their productivity. The Productivity Inventory gives you access to thousands of resources that can help boost your efficiency and your bottom line.

Productivity Assessment Tool

The Productivity Assessment Tool allows you to measure your current productivity, helps identify where your organization adds value, where opportunities exist to eliminate waste and how to increase competitiveness.

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Information and Communications Technology Toolkit

One way to increase competitiveness in the face of needing to do more with less is the strategic use of information and communications technology. This toolkit will assesses your current use of information and communications technology and helps you to plan and implement a technological solution that will make you more efficient and more competitive.

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Workforce Development Toolkit

Investing in your employees and preparing them for future challenges is an important step in keeping your workforce at its most productive. This toolkit outlines the steps to making sure your employees have the training they need to excel at their current jobs and the skills and confidence to rise to new challenges in the future.

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Productivity Inventory

Our productivity Inventory contains links and information about thousands of programs, tools and services that can help your business become more productive, more competitive and more profitable.

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